"People, not unlike stones, are every bit uniquely different and with 'friction' and 'polishing' they too shine in their own right to contribute to the beauty of our world." 

                                                       -Kaari Allen

Drawing on my unique training and experience as an educator and athlete, I collaborate to identify and assess the strengths of both the individual as well as for groups. My coaching fosters human gifts to enable others to perform to the best of their ability.
I hope you will stop in a moment to learn about the special services I offer for businesses, education institutions, foundations, individuals and more.
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“Where The Hell Did I Park My Life?!
Owner’s Manual For Shifting Yourself Forward”
60-Minute Shift Workshop
Changing ONE Thing Changes EVERYTHING!
Based upon a popular Shift Exercise from my book, this workshop will encourage, inspire & propel you forward in your own unique way.
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SHIFT Workshop Details

Saturday, Feb 29th from 11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Regency Parc Office Building, 6542  Regency Lane, Suite # 215, Eden Prairie, MN 55444

•    Already have a copy of Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?!  - Great! Workshop cost is $20.00
•    To attend & receive both the workshop + my book - $33.00 (A discounted book price!)
•    Coffee, mimosas and light refreshments provided!

ONLY 1 slot left! - Sign-up closes Weds,  Feb 26th

What a great way to spend your extra Leap Year day!

My Latest Blog

When Life Piles It On

January 30, 2020

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It sat there, another pile of mail, important forms to be completed, deadlines to reach and appointments to get to. It is so easy to focus on the mountain of challenges. 
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Book Review
Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?
Funny title, serious issues...It’s designed as a guide to help them discover their own direction, to provide a pathway to where the hell they parked their life, put it in gear and to move forward."
- Raymond T. Rivard