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Growing up being very curious about the world, I knew in my soul that I had an affinity for those that had less opportunity than I did. The service I provide to students, educators, parents, or individuals in the business world identifies strengths and offers strategies to circumvent challenges.


Together, we can ignite capabilities to foster personal joy and feelings of success and empowerment.

                                                                       - Kaari Allen

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University of Wyoming

Bachelor of Arts PK-12 Education

    -Member of 1985 NCAA Champion Ski Team

University of Colorado Denver

Master of Arts

Learning and Behavior

University of Colorado Denver

Master of Arts PK-12

Learning Disablilities

Kaari Allen with 2017 Blake School Graduate

“Kaari Allen’s trainings and ongoing consultation and collaboration have been the most powerful and encouraging that I have experienced in my career.” 
- R.S. Science Department, The Blake School, Hopkins, MN 
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  • My loving husband John and my beautiful son Ben

  • My family and friends

  • My two buffoons (my dogs)

  • Enjoying this fabulous world we live in that has been gifted to each and every one of us!

  • My non-profit, Smilestones, supporting those with disabilities 

  • The 30 Days Foundation providing one-time grants to families in financial crisis

  • Continuing to be a good human!

KA tstimonial 1.png
“Kaari Allen's insights into student motivation and recommendations on ways to channel student talent and exuberance provided the most useful of all of the sessions that I attended. I am SO thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!“
- Amy Ragg,
School Manager, Academy Prep Center of Tampa, Florida
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