November 5, 2019

My restaurant reader gave me the gift of his faith in my book, and now I have a special gift for you. I am truly grateful for everyone who takes the plunge and uses the stories and guides in my book to change something in their lives.

August 9, 2019

I had to ask for and receive a lot of help along the way for many reasons, which only goes to prove; we ALL have talents to offer one another. I want to thank each one of you.

July 12, 2019

(quote by Martha Beck - author, life-coach, speaker)

Balancing work and play this summer and always…

No, they’re not comfortable, these scratchy, One-Size-Fits-All garments with the seams in all the wrong places and made of cheap cotton that could be used for scrubbing t...

  I am super excited to announce that my first book;

“Where the Hell Did I Park Life?

 Owner’s Manual for Shifting Yourself Forward”

will be coming out next month!

I am SO grateful to both my editor/typist/brain Susan Murphy, as well as my ever-patient husband John, f...

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