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Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?!

Owner’s Manual For Shifting Yourself Forward

"Have you ever found yourself driving down the wrong road, in the wrong lane, in the wrong direction, going either too slow or too fast? I have, many times throughout my life and only after recalibrating did I overcome roadblocks. I’m excited to share those stories, shifts, and steps that helped me keep moving down the right path.”   - Kaari Allen


This is not your same-old, seen it before, self-help book.


This work is different because it is uniquely written from both personal experiences as well as clinical expertise surrounding human behavior.


Designed to use as a practical and enjoyable guide, it has been created to prompt shifts for the reader to get unstuck and continue to move forward by igniting the strengths within him or herself.

Having said all that, this book has a lot of heart and humor. The true stories that illustrate each chapter are meant to be encouraging as well as entertaining. The beautiful, spiral-bound book is YOURS to use as you please, with prompts in each chapter that guide you in making your own life shift. 

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Before you purchase my book, go to my Special Offer Page to get a limited-time, reduced price for Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?! along with a gift of note cards based on the book! 

I have received such wonderful feedback on my book and how it brings Hope, Humor & Horsepower in these challenging times.  I want to share these messages with you and let you know how much I appreciate and value you! - Kaari

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From one original to another

"My strongest desire is that this work impacts the world from a place of vulnerability, candor, humor & hope to not only change ourselves but positively change our families, friends, community, churches, country and ultimately tie world!"

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Author bio

Kaari Allen is an academic, author, speaker, consultant, trainer & athlete.

With 29 years as a Learning Specialist, Diagnostician & Trainer, she holds an MA in Learning and Behavior K-12 and is the Co-founder of The Whole Learning School, Minneapolis, MN. Kaari has worked in both public and private schools empowering students, parents, and faculty on learning & behavior.

As the owner of Kaari Allen Consulting, LLC, Kaari brings a uniquely empathetic and practical approach to guiding others as they work on life's challenges.

To talk to Kaari about her work or schedule her for a consultation or speaking event you can start the conversation here.

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