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Join me at my Book Release Celebration for:

  Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?!

Owner's Manual for Shifting Yourself Forward

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A signed copy of my book

Wine, Beer & Appetizers

Live Music by Brother’s Frantzich!


I cannot wait to see you! - Kaari

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From one original to another

"My strongest desire is that this work impacts the world from a place of vulnerability, candor, humor & hope to not only change ourselves but positively change our families, friends, community, churches, country and ultimately tie world!"

Author bio

Kaari Allen is an academic, author, speaker, consultant, trainer & athlete.

With 29 years as a Learning Specialist, Diagnostician & Trainer, she holds an MA in Learning and Behavior K-12 and is the Co-founder of The Whole Learning School, Minneapolis, MN. Kaari has worked in both public and private schools empowering students, parents, and faculty on learning & behavior.

As the owner of Kaari Allen Consulting, LLC, Kaari brings a uniquely empathetic and practical approach to guiding others as they work on life's challenges.

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