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Supporting Your Child Without Your Own Roof Collapsing!

An invite for you:

"Anything we can offer to our kids is something more than they had the day before." - Kaari Allen

School is in full swing, schedules have filled up and our roles as parents need to adapt to the new ebb and flow. In this informal evening I will share my top 5 strategies and insights to support your child in terms of motivation, initiation of tasks, organization and approach to homework and study skills.

I am Kaari Allen, a professional educator, consultant and coach with special training on learning, behavior and empowerment. (See for more information). It is a joy and privilege to enable others to ignite their personal strengths.

Save your spot for a relaxed and informative evening of wine and cheese at my home on Anderson Lake in Bloomington, MN. The address will be sent when I receive your registration. Send me your email through my contact form and write "Registration" in the subject line.

Only 15 spots available; Bring questions, concerns or just yourself. I look forward to meeting you!

Date: Thurs, Nov 16th. Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm. (NOTE this is a new date!)

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