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“ANYTHING we offer our kids is more than they had the day before!” - Kaari Allen

This is the week! On November 16th, you can still join us for an evening aimed at helping parents who want to support and guide their children through the challenges of school and life. No sales pitches or hidden agendas – just a safe place to learn.

Last week, I included the phrase above in a slide when I was speaking to administrators and educators at the Florida Council of Independent Schools Convention. I feel the need to shout this simple but meaningful message from the mountain top to parents and educators. Go ahead, tattoo the following statement on your forehead, cross stitch it on a pillow, use it as your screen saver or stick it on your dashboard as you wait in the carpool line for the hundredth time this school year. In other words, keep it in mind that you make all the difference and small things are happening every day that come from you to support and improve your child’s world.

The point I am making is that we don’t celebrate our hard work often enough.

Raising kids and teaching kids is the hardest job in the world, period! That is why I am offering a special evening this Thursday, Nov 16th from 6-8pm, at my home to talk about just that and share some strategies I have learned and taught over my years as an educator and transformational speaker.

Here is a quick snapshot regarding my free event:

  • Allow yourself to be right where you are at in regards to parenting. Even if you have older children and have been at the same place with them developmentally with, you haven’t been HERE, with this child and he or she has never lived in this moment with you.

  • Perceive yourself as a COACH of your child rather than serve as the resident taskmaster (AKA -Homework Police 👮). Coaching our kids to be the ‘experts’ regarding their science papers, 4th grade math or English projects for example, will reduce the push back and help them feel that they have some semblance of control over their present state.

So write that statement above on a sticky note right now and then come and share an evening with me where I can give you more strategies for helping children succeed as their very best selves in school and in life. Here is where you can contact me to save your seats or if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!

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