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Thankfulness Can Manifest in Many Ways

He works as a server at a local restaurant. An older gentleman just trying to continue to participate in life after retiring. I didn’t know him, yet his kind and soul-filled eyes told me a story and I was very drawn to whatever was happening behind those eyes. I could sense that simply taking my order wasn’t the end of ‘IT’.

He mentioned that he had noticed me 'working on something' a few weeks ago. ‘Something’ can mean any number of things in my world...not always glamorous nor productive. My new stranger-acquaintance noticed me, a typical patron sitting with her cup of soup and black coffee at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. This particular day, he asked me what this ‘something’ was. I told him about my book and pulled out the postcard describing it.

There are no accidents, simply possibilities in life. This was one of them.

“Do you have any books with you?“ He asked.

“Of course!” I replied. I then made a dash out to my car in the pouring rain. Tucking my book under my shirt to shield it from the weather, I sashayed back into the restaurant resplendent in dripping-wet hair. I handed the book to this lovely man and to my delight he purchased it and requested I sign it. The whole encounter left me with a very thankful heart.

Fast forward to this November, my husband and I found ourselves eating at this same restaurant and this same man was working. The first thing he said to me was, “I need three more books; two for my buddies in A.A. and one for my Veteran friend.” I was delighted!

His response, and the stories I have heard from others, are the reason I wrote my book, “Where the Hell Did I Park My Life: Owner’s Manual for Shifting yourself Forward.” As a new author, I had hoped sharing my struggles and my journey back could be of help to others. Nothing makes me prouder and more grateful than when I learn my book has affected someone in a positive way.

A Special Gift to you...

The truth is, I am thankful for each one of you! My restaurant reader gave me the gift of his faith in my book, and now I have a special gift for you. I am truly grateful for everyone who takes the plunge and uses the stories and guides in my book to change something in their lives. To share my appreciation, I am giving away a set of special cards with each purchase of my book. These multi-purpose, any-occasion cards have quotes from the book chapters and are a lovely combo-gift to give your friends and family this holiday season.

(Or you can keep the cards for yourself and use them to write your appreciation to those you care about. I’ll never tell!).

Happy Thanksgiving! Kaari

To order your book(s) and receive this special thank you gift, go to my website at

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