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Without Stops There are Never any Starts

- by Kaari Allen

Celebrating Life Events

Every year it seems that May is, well … A LOT. In a good way. Mind you, I am personally thrilled not to have to put on winter gloves and a wool hat to get the mail. At least for now. Spring is energizing, exciting, colorful, nature-loving, and full of stops and starts. After being blessed to be with my own mom for Mothers’ Day, I was reminded that as much as we are celebrating life’s various events at this time of year in particular, many of us struggle with the “ending” of things.

I want us to think of endings not in the negative, but as necessary for beginnings, for change, and for the anticipation of times yet to come. As a kid, we’d return from a family trip to the cabin or a vacation and without fail, as the station wagon pulled into our garage mom would say, “All good things must come to an end." OR the ever unpopular, ”Back to reality."

Who needs that?!

Come on. We were kids and even though she was right, her buzz kill didn’t help our spirits. Love you dearly mom - we tease her about her quips to this day.

An ACT (American College Test) student of mine just performed in her last high school musical which was amazing. She shared that she cried the next day feeling the END of things. Totally understandable, yet I encouraged her to anticipate college performances in the fall, finding new friends, and the unknown yet to come in her young life. At least she didn’t hang up on me. I try.

This time of year brings graduations, proms, weddings, work transitions, travel and even funerals. The leaves that had turned and we lost last fall are now freshly budding a new bright green. Having to say goodbye or end something is at the same time the start to another thing, someone else, or a new opportunity.

In the upcoming month, if you are sensing the “end,” I encourage you to shift your heart and head to look at the new beginning. It will put some Spring in your step. I promise! Kaari


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