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Offer of Apprecciation

“Kaari Allen’s book… "Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?!"…  has given me hope each morning as I read it as a funny devotional. She feels like a friend that makes me laugh & offers a sense of grounding.”   - M.L.  Minneapolis, MN
Continuing to Share Hope, Humor & Horsepower
The effects of the pandemic have been wide-ranging and one of the more prominent ones is to our incomes. I want to do what I can to make things more affordable as we go through all these changes together. The messages and practices in “Where The Hell Did I Park My Life?! Owner’s Manual For Shifting Yourself Forward” could be of help to anyone struggling during this time of uncertainty. So, I am offering my book at a reduced price of $20 (+2.50 S&H). This offer also includes my note cards based on the book as a bonus gift to help you stay connected and recognize others who are your lights at this time.
You can use the Buy Now button below to get your copy. Whether you purchase my book or not, I sincerely wish you the best. We need to let our gratitude and kindness shine more brightly these days to help balance the negative words and actions we are witnessing all too frequently.
If you want to learn more about how others are showing their compassion, please check out my blog. And always remember how valuable you are!
Hope, health and happiness, Kaari
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Receive my book & my inspirational note cards for only $20! (plus $2.50 for S&H) 
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I appreciate you!
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