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Giving Back

stones-244244_1920 Image by Gerd Altmann


"A small stone tossed into the water creates beautiful ripples that spread organically across large expanses. "


"This is how being grateful and giving back works. No matter how small the gesture it can have a big impact in places you didn't even know you could reach."

      - Kaari

 - Lyndsey Payne

Lifetime Fitness Instructor Trainer


I tumble beautiful, natural stones to create unique jewelry pieces that I sell to support amazing charities that give back to others. 


100% of Smilestones profits are donated to two charities:  

Jett's Friends a non-profit foundation whereby families may apply for tutoring or support funds for their special needs child, and Opportunity Partners a non-profit which helps those with special needs with training and employment opportunities.

To learn more about Smilestones and view pieces you can purchase to support these two wonderful charities, please go to our website at

30-Days Foundation

I am a proud board member of this wonderful non-profit that assists those with an immediate need for rent, utility free transitional housing, moving charges, and transportation as well as storage unit payments for a 30-day time period.

Since 2011, The 30-Days Foundation has assisted over 80,000 families with one-time financial grants made payable only to the service provider that needs payment.

To learn more about The 30-Days Foundation and view the organizations that receive assistance, please go to their website at

Edina A Better Chance Foundation

As a long-time educator, I see firsthand what our youth deal with as they navigate their school careers. To be of assistance in this important chapter of all our lives I am a volunteer coach for ACT prep and a writing tutor for EDINA ABC, also know as Edina A Better Chance Foundation, Inc. 

Edina ABC recruits highly motivated students of color from challenging environments across the country and assists them in becoming better academic scholars, ready for the best colleges and universities.

To learn more about Edina ABC, the selection of scholars, and how to get involved, please go to their website at 

Would you like to lend your support?


If you would like to know more about these wonderful causes, contact me at email.

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