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How do our unique brains work to learn, organize and initiate to employ our strengths? Our multiple intelligences and the six facets of the functions of our brain called 'Executive Functions' can be ignited through training and coaching. 


Now, how cool is that?!  - Kaari

Support through one-on-one consultation


 Executive Functioning Training

  • Motivation, Initiation, Emotion, Prioritizing and Planning Strategy Coaching for gifted individuals

  • as well as those with learning differences who may struggle to demonstrate their abilities

  • For individuals through one-on-one customized coaching and tutoring for ACT preparation


"Kaari [Allen’s] work with my daughter was thoughtful, efficient, and invaluable! Many doors have opened for her because of her work with her and I highly recommend Kaari's expertise, mentoring and support for us as parents as well."

- Kari Kiker parent of ACT student

Support through group training & workshops

Executive Functioning Training

  • Assessment and Consultation for students, faculty, administration, athletes and business employees

  • Empowering employees to foster productivity and company wellness


Support through featured speaker presentations

Transformational Presentations

  • To teachers, parents, athletes and business employees

  • Topics include: igniting personal strengths and circumventing challenges; identifying the strengths of each of our individual executive functions; developing and fostering company wellness

How I can best support you? 

Please contact me by phone at (612-741-1115) or email

to set up a time for a free one-hour consultation

 - Lyndsey Payne

Lifetime Fitness Instructor Trainer

She was so insightful, prepared and impactful. Kaari's nourishing vulnerability and loving warmth was so greatly appreciated by all in attendance!

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