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It Matters How You Slice It

Have you ever thought of our daily lives in a visual pie chart? Probably not, but for the moment let’s think of a day as a colorful circle pie chart of 1,440 minutes. These minutes will not and cannot ever come this way again.

So stop right now and think of three things that fire up your soul: it could be friends, creativity, writing, humor, animals, gardening or walking. In your life pie chart have you made any of them a priority?

How can we, as people and professionals, give to ourselves, our families and our businesses from an “empty pie” perspective?

Try just taking a sliver of your day and mix in a little whipped cream of joy and fun and see what happens. Trust me - it will be the most savory moment of your day.

Remember: 1,440 minutes and every one of them are sacred.

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