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Parenting Your Child without Your Own Roof Collapsing

"If there is an ocean of self-perceived inadequacy, we NEED to teach our kids to find their OWN islands of competency."

-Dr. Robert Brooks

As parents, we all want nothing more than for our kids to develop skills and strategies that they can draw upon as they grow. Yet, none of us were given a "How-To Manual" to negotiating this wacky world we all live in. For heaven's sake, we certainly weren't handed some guidebook for parenting, and we haven’t walked in one another's parenting shoes.

As a Learning Specialist, speaker and trainer, the greatest joy in my work is to coach individuals to identify their strengths and empower them to circumvent any challenges they may encounter. This is why I put together a special, free event in my home for parents who would like some tools to help their whole family as they face the school year and more.

During an informal evening I will share 5 strategies/ideas that will allow you to support and empower your child without battles or frustration; honoring that sacred parent-child relationship by learning how to:

  • Offer study support (when our kids may think we don't have a brain in our heads and never went to school ourselves)

  • Help them to prioritize/plan in our fast-paced digital world

  • Coach them to realize their individual strengths as well as their talents and potential

Parents, just like their children, need encouragement and assistance. Please join me for a relaxed and informative, no cost evening for parents on Thurs, Nov 16th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Anderson Lake in Bloomington, MN. This is an updated, date due to parental scheduling conflicts so there is still time to sign up and join us. The address will be sent when I receive your registration.

Seats are available for Parenting Your Child without Your Own Roof Collapsing, but please contact me if you will be joining us. Send me your email through my contact form and write "Registration" in the subject line.

I look forward to meeting you!

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