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You Deserve a Break EVERY Day

If you are of a certain age, this little jingle from the 70’s may now start on auto repeat in your head; you’re welcome.

It isn’t about fast food, but it has a lot to do with cutting ourselves some slack for heaven’s sake!

Last Sunday, my husband and I attended the funeral of Sunny, my dear friends’ mother. And Sunny was just that, a light in others’ lives. I have known her most of my life. Both of my parents are in the end stages of their lives so this day was particularly close to my fragile heart. I grew up ski racing with Sunny’s sons, Tim and Paul, who are also very talented musicians having recorded numerous CD’s as the Brothers Frantzich.

Walking into the visitation at the church prior to the service, I looked into the sanctuary and saw music equipment set up, as well as two guitars on stands at the front of the church. “No way, are they actually playing at their own mother’s funeral service?”, asked my husband John.

The service was a beautiful testimony to Sunny Frantzich’s life, and we all sang numerous songs that Tim and Paul have recorded. As they clarified for all in attendance, “This is by no means a performance by the two of us, but an invitation for ALL of you to join in singing the lyrics projected on the screen.” Tears were streaming down our faces as they played and we sang in celebration and memorial of their mom. (Why I wear make-up at times like these is still a mystery to me…well, I guess I looked somewhat presentable when we left the house that morning. Seriously, I couldn’t even read from the bible at my brother’s wedding years back because I started crying, overcome with emotion - and that was a very happy occasion! Clearly, I need to pump up the volume on my Emotional Threshold meter).

In the past ten years, there have been many ups and downs in my life as I am sure there has been in yours. Many days we think our best isn’t good enough. We didn’t get ALL of the cleaning done, the errands we intended to run, or earned the money we wished we had by now. Tim and Paul made it through most likely THEIR worst day thus far, I am sure. More than likely there will be many more sad days for them as they begin to grieve. But, somehow they will make it through, and so will you.

Realize somehow, by hook or by crook, you’ve gotten through the anomalies regarding the events of your life thus far. I am SO glad no one is assigning Life Grades, but if they were, I’d give us all an A+. (Speaking for myself, there have certainly been some F days let alone G+ or worse! Thank God there are only 26 letters in the alphabet; I’m just sayin’).

If you are reading these words, you have somehow, someway made it through your toughest days as well. See, you already made it through another 3 ½ minutes - the time it took you to read this. Give yourself a break today and celebrate the 99.999% of the days that you have made it through. Stop and look back at what you have endured, overcome, and accomplished thus far. Give yourself an A+ and swing through the drive-thru and pick up a Quarter Pounder AND fries for yourself.

Cheers to you all!


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