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Where the Hell Did I Park…My Life?

I am super excited to announce that my first book;

“Where the Hell Did I Park Life?

Owner’s Manual for Shifting Yourself Forward”

will be coming out next month!

I am SO grateful to both my editor/typist/brain Susan Murphy, as well as my ever-patient husband John, for literally being my hands and eyes throughout the process. Your drinks will forever be on my ‘tab’!

After having worked through a re-invention of my life, loss and pain, my reason in writing this book and having to ask for a lot of help in doing so is intended for YOU, the reader. I wanted to share little adjustments that I am learning along the way that have been, and are, moving me forward.

SO much happier and full now (albeit a ‘work in progress’), I want you to possibly shift your lens to live your fullest life as well. The book format is informative, fun and will hopefully put you behind the wheel of your life’s trajectory and positive path.

Here is an exclusive excerpt from my book I want to share with you:

“Looking back, both of my hands had become numb, as had my soul. This was the reality that hit me just when I thought that I had finally gotten my proverbial ‘Ducks in a Row.’ I thought that all my striving, working and achieving was somehow going to reward me with the tangible and ever-coveted gold medal in the “LIFE OLYMPICS”.

Dammit, it didn’t happen. No medal ceremony, nothing.

Peeking over my shoulder, as scary as that was, I didn’t even see one duck at least attempting to waddle in a row behind me.

(Exactly how many ducks does a legitimate row constitute anyhow? Someone really should research this mysteriously elusive number of ducks that warrants us having our @#%! together and report back to the rest of us, soon).

With my numb hands obediently delivering the daily tasks for my numb soul, I continued to carry on killing myself at work and life –

Up Until Now.

For many years back then, the way my desk and keyboard in my office/classroom were positioned had cut off the circulation to my hands. Too busy to really pay attention to the tingling feeling, this mimicked a kink in a garden hose with barely the drip, drip, drip of water coming out. My head was literally disconnected from my body, and I cared about the kids too much to stop and truly listen to my body and heart.

After twenty-seven years in the classroom as a special education teacher, diagnostician, trainer and presenter, I had to accept that this non-ergonomic workstation in my office was a messenger from God, the Universe, my Guardian Angel, or simply a gigantic billboard placed in front of me that read;

“You must shift something NOW because this is negatively shifting you without your permission, nor your blessing.”

Not a recommendation or a gentle maybe, but “Kaari, your body is telling you there is no other option. Period.”

I feel like I have come far on the journey of my life in these past five years after leaving the classroom. Like me, we have ALL ridden the roller coaster we call LIFE and we are still riding it and trying the best we can to be the best we can be. To be kind. To feel that we matter. To know that we are loved. To contribute our unique gifts and talents to the world. THAT’s IT!

We are all just Buffoons on a Bus with no designated driver nor a map. But, we are all in it together and…I’m personally relieved to realize, there is no such thing as a gold medal in the “LIFE OLYMPICS.”


That was an excerpt from the Prologue of my book, Where the Hell Did I Park Life? I know I will be saying this again, but I want to thank all of you for being my support by reading my blogs and giving me the courage to put my thoughts and experience into book form with the physical and emotional help from others.

We may not be where we want to be, but you know what People, as long as we are moving in SOME direction we are moving! This book is the direction my life has called me to and it fills me with joy and excitement to share it with you. Please watch my social media ( and my website ( for more updates on the book release.

With one foot in front of the other and always holding your hand,


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