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Wearing Your Big Boy or Big Girl Pants

(quote by Martha Beck - author, life-coach, speaker)

Balancing work and play this summer and always…

No, they’re not comfortable, these scratchy, One-Size-Fits-All garments with the seams in all the wrong places and made of cheap cotton that could be used for scrubbing the sink. The worst part? They only come in beige, and not even a ‘good beige’. Not Beach Sand Tan or Shaded Mocha or Butterscotch. Oh no, these bland adult ensembles that we all must wear to function remotely successfully are supposed to go with everything in our wardrobes of life. No matter the weather, occasion or location we are required, as adults, to put them on routinely.

Damn, I hate that.

During these dog days of summer, it’s difficult for me, and possibly you as well, to find balance between work, life’s to do’s, and some play time. I know I want to go near a watering hole and watch people rope swing into the lake or go to the Drive-In at 10:00 pm on a weeknight or walk barefoot in the grass.

Guess what? Exhibiting childlike wonder and adventure is possible even when wearing those beige and binding pants of responsibility and practicality. There truly is a way to do the work/life/joy dance.

Here’s an excerpt from the release of my first book, Where The Hell Did I Park My Life?! Owner’s Manual for Shifting Yourself Forward, coming in late July. May it foster the idea that we are allowed to enjoy the everyday without having to ask permission.

“Why not eat an ice cream sandwich for breakfast? Heck, eat 2. Why not

learn to play the guitar or even just go listen to someone else play one?

Why not go climb a tree? When is the last time you went to a matinee on

a Tuesday or went skinny dipping? If the answer is in high school, well…

get out there and feel liberated for heaven’s sake.”

We can never lose sight of the joys in everyday life even when required to wear those beige, adult pants. While attempting to live fully functioning, productive lives you can still add cool socks, or a tie-dyed scarf or a smile. It’s so much more fun! And enjoy good snacks and a cocktail as you go.

‘Wearing the beige’ right along with you,



You will find more on this topic in my soon-to-be-released book, Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?! Check my website for the latest news on availability.

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