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When Life Piles It On

Plus a special announcement at the end of the blog!

It sat there, another pile of mail, important forms to be completed, deadlines to reach and appointments to get to. Stalling, I waited for the coffee to drip into my cup which left me time to let that ‘New Year’s resolution’ creep into my mind. We are four weeks into 2020 ... hell, I still have 337 days to start right?

Fearing that a WEO (Wellness Enforcement Officer) would ring my doorbell, and issue me a citation, I began. Coffee in hand, I began to breathe again, sift through the paperwork, prioritize and have a little chat with myself.

“Self, there have been many pots on your stove lately, so to speak. Tasks and responsibilities for people you love and who depend on you seem to be never-ending.

So far though, you are alive to tell about it! No one has been hurt. The roof hasn’t collapsed and the dogs still like you. Now, step back, regroup and take note of what is actually going well, what’s gotten done, and what fun things you get to look forward to in 2020.”

It is so easy to focus on the mountain of challenges. Come up for air. Stop and remind yourself what went right in 2019. What did you celebrate? What has already been accomplished? O.K. sure, we still need to lose 10 lbs., quit smoking, do that KETO thing …whatever it is, BUT…..

If we grab onto the good, tweak a few missteps or mishaps, and pat ourselves on the back once in a while we can keep going!

Thriving, not simply surviving.

And now here is that very exciting news I promised you.

It’s almost here!

On Saturday, Feb 29, please join me as I facilitate the very first…

“Where The Hell Did I Park My Life?!

Owner’s Manual For Shifting Yourself Forward”

60-Minute Shift Workshop

Changing ONE Thing Changes EVERYTHING!

This special event is for those who want to be inspired, offer their unique insights and seek an opportunity to begin living their best lives!

Based upon a popular Shift Exercise from my book, I am leading a workshop to encourage, inspire and propel attendees forward in their own unique and fun way.

No worries, the WEO (Wellness Enforcement Officer) is not invited. 😉 Workshop guidance and fun tasks will work for you where you are at.

“Each day is an opportunity to make even just ONE change for the better. The blessing is that, at the end of each day, we have a chance to try something new tomorrow.” ~ KA

Here’s how to join us

ONLY 6 slots available

  • Already have a copy of Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?! - Great! Workshop cost is $20.00

  • To attend & receive both the workshop + my book - $33.00 (A discounted book price!)

  • Coffee, mimosas and light refreshments provided!

Date: Sat, Feb 29, 2020 (What a great way to spend your extra Leap Year day!)

Time: 11 am – 12:15 pm

Address: Regency Parc Office Building, 6542 Regency Lane, Suite # 215, Eden Prairie, MN 55444

Sign-up deadline: Tues, Feb 25th

Link to registration:

Keep shifting, keep being and have hope. There is SO much to look forward to for ALL of us, ~ Kaari

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