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Indelible Connections

Kaari Allen with Adrian and Special Education Youth on bus trip

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart."

~Phyllis Theroux

Writing on Your Heart in Ink

Who knew that just one conversation in 1989 would alter the trajectory of my entire life? Taking my first “real job” out of college, no one had told me that it would last 31 years; nor that it would be THE career for me. Was it a fluke? Fate? Having been introduced to Adrian, my boss, I was hired in Special Education for $5.17 an hour as her assistant. She’s on the right in the photo sporting an equally fashionable get up and hairdo as was I to the left of our students. (We would later vow to toss any clothing or accessory item that could be used as a costume by the next generation).

The opportunity she offered me and the connection to those kids made an indelible impression on my heart and on my mind - FOREVER. We taught them to read, write, do math and learn life skills (as well as an attempt to alter their "behavior choices" as adolescents). We could at least try, couldn’t we? What I didn't know was that when we were making piñatas and removing paper machete from their hair, our clothing and the ceiling, my soul would crave those connections this many years later. What I didn’t know was why we were making anything with paper machete with kids who had vision and hearing impairments, Down’s Syndrome, learning and behavior disabilities and well…they were teenagers. What do I know for sure? They, as well those on my Special Ed teaching team changed me forever and I am connected to them as dearest friends to this day.

Staying Connected

In this time of social distancing and isolation, I want to remind and invite you to connect. Personally, I’m choosing to send a short note/card each day to someone who has touched me and I’m encouraging you to start today as well. Think of one of the people that have made an imprint on your heart and send a quick note telling them just that. A favorite boss, teacher, your first baseball coach, an elderly neighbor or relative. There are many things we are not allowed to do right now for health and safety reasons, but this is one thing we ALL can do. It only takes 10 minutes, a 55¢ stamp and the possibility to offer joy to the recipient. Just when this person thinks they are going to go to the mailbox and see another $$$ bill that they may or may not be able to pay in these times, your writing and handwritten touch to their soul will probably be the only tangible “hug” that they may get that given day.

Remember those in your own household as well! Even though someone is in the next room or on the other end of the couch, it doesn’t mean they know you are feeling close and connected. The close quarters of social distancing can frazzle some nerves. How nice it would be for your partner to find a kind note on their pillow or for your child to see a special message just for them written on a breakfast banana.

Pause right now and decide who that person will be today and get out a pen.

It will bring you joy as well. I promise!

Something Special to Get You Going

To encourage connection, I want to send a free set of my all occasion blank greeting cards with the purchase of my book “Where The Hell Did I Park My Life?! Owner’s Manual For Shifting Yourself Forward.” I am also adding a special, reduced book price of only $15! This limited-time offer will help you to start writing to those who matter to you while you use my book to remind yourself how valuable you are!

Please use this link to visit my website to make your purchase (this special offer is not available through Amazon).

Happiness, Health and Hope for you ALL moving forward in joy, ~ Kaari

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