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Pay It Forward Stories

Kindness spreader Jeannette Grace of Expressive! Communication Consulting & Training

Illuminating hope and inspiration when we need it most.

There are no words that can express my personal sorrow during this painful time in our country. The many stories that were sent to me during my “Random Acts of Kindness” book donation are so uplifting by providing tangible examples of encouragement, hope, and a ‘lighthouse’ for others, that I want to share them with you.

I am so pleased to tell you I have given out all 10 copies of “Where the Hell Did I Park My Life: Owner’s Manual for Shifting Yourself Forward” books that were purchased from me by an anonymous donor who asked me to give them to others as her act of kindness. Here are just a few of the stories about those inspiring people who were sent a copy of my book as a gift for their positive contributions in our world today.

“My friend is an EMT and his wife is a nurse with 2 small children. They are not only working on the medical front lines during this pandemic, but are also sharing their generosity, encouragement and knowledge in their own residential community!”

“As a parent, your book Kaari, has offered me hope. I want to ask you to please donate a copy to this deserving mother in need. These very trying times of loss and pain in our country. She too needs to see ‘light’ after shining it through all she does for others.” “My wife is a preschool teacher and is doing everything that they/she can to continue reaching out to the children; virtually through videos and zoom. That’s not enough for Sue, however. She also wanted to add value to others in need. She started making masks for the immediate and extended which morphed into making masks for friends, neighbors & coworkers. That turned into making masks for LifeSource, the nonprofit organization that promotes organ eye and tissue donation and more masks for the staff of the Minnesota Hospital Association.

“Sandra is so loving, kind and generous both personally as well as professionally. She is always nominating and promoting others and is so deserving. She inspires others by using social media to garner positive support and attention to other business owners.”

Please NEVER forget that even the smallest act of kindness and love can change another’s life forever.

God bless each and EVERYONE of you,


*Pictured above is book recipient Jeannette Grace of Expressive! Communication Consulting & Training

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