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Asking for Help Requires Strength, Courage and Wisdom

- by Kaari Allen

He watched me struggle, and after three or four attempts, at trying to tie my shoe - as I had allegedly mastered after, let’s just say about 50-plus years of doing so, on an everyday basis! A mind-numbing 15 minutes later, my husband John graciously and lovingly stopped me. (Mind you, I was on the verge of swearing out loud in frustration). He patiently asked, “Can I help you, sweetheart?”

Now why in the world would he possibly think that ?! Brother.

My dominant hand was in a plaster cast at that time. So there’s THAT. As many of you may know, I’ve had seven surgeries on my dominant hand, which has left it permanently disabled. If you have ever tried tying your shoes with one hand, it’s not as fun as you may think.

Kaari Allen with hand in cast

We all need help with both large and small things in life - whether it be physical difficulties, job transition, financial strain, relationship questions, academic or emotional challenges, or otherwise. EVERYONE needs help with something. Asking for support can be hard at times because we “don’t want to be found out.” You know what I’m talking about. Heaven forbid we admit we don’t have ALL the answers or don’t know how to do something. Others may find out.


When you really stop and think about it, if we all knew everything about everything there would be no need to connect with anything or anybody else. How boring would life be then, right?

If you have been reluctant to reach out for help, stop and ask yourself, why you are hesitating? Then, pause and remember that you asking for help may give others the strength to do it too. You just may be the help-er for someone else soon enough.

I dare you to try it - this week. I will if you will.

Grateful for all of the help I’ve been given along the way, Kaari


Is it Time for a Little Help?

Please contact me by phone at (612-741-1115) or to set up a time for a free consultation. I do one-on-one sessions as well as group trainings and workshops. Adults and youth are welcome. My work identifies and utilizes your strengths while offering strategies to manage life’s challenges. My specialties include ACT prep and college planning!


“I started working with Kaari to grow my skills set studying for a licensing exam for work. Not only has she helped me tremendously with that, but also managing my new work-life balance. I cannot put into words how empowered I feel after an hour with her. Whether it’s about work, studying, or personal life, Kaari has taught me the importance of listening to both my mind and body which has made me more confident with who I am as a person.” – Libby, Age 23

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