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Courage Can Heal, Celebrate, Validate, Forgive, Foster Growth and Propel Us

Believe that you are braver than you think,
more talented than you know
and capable of more than you can imagine.”

- Roy T Bennett

We just returned from a tournament in Michigan for John’s Minnesota Rolling Timberwolves wheelchair basketball team. These players are not only amazing athletes, but they are also husbands, fathers, employees at their prospective workplaces, and courageous human beings. Each of their stories are uniquely humbling.

When the whistle blows after a game, they continue, in their chairs, to live fulfilling lives despite their disabilities. I want to remind us of some ways WE can be courageous on a daily basis. John and I losing our voices cheering for them or walking to our car in the subzero temps was not necessarily ‘courageous,it was an honor and a privilege! We simply bought throat lozenges and wore warmer clothes.

I’m talking about real choices to be brave.

For example, our son Ben recently had the courage to value himself, his happiness, and his work ethic as he walked away from a career that didn’t feed his soul. He not only chose to leave that position, but he also moved across the country alone, to California, to take an amazing job in genetics. My eyes are honestly welling with pride and admiration as I share this with you.

Exercising courage can be something big or a very small act. EVERY brave choice fosters wellness in our world.

Courage to admit when you may be wrong Courage to say “I’m sorry“ Courage to leave an unfulfilling job Courage to leave an unhappy/unhealthy marriage or relationship Courage to quit drinking, smoking, gambling or any other unwanted habit

Courage to love who you are - exactly how you are

Courage is underrated because I believe courage is under-valued and under celebrated in our world today.

I want to celebrate your courage right now. What can you say to another person right now to express,

“It took courage to ...”

I want to encourage you to take a courageous step, say I’m sorry, quit the habit, job or relationship that does not serve you.

Yeah, I know... I’m doing it right along with you. Trust me, courage changes us - and ALWAYS for the better!

Holding YOUR hands as we move forward one step at a time!



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