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Lollygag Is A Real Word, Not Just One That Our Grandparents Used

Longing for discretionary time

FULL disclosure and you can question my college roommates, I actually ironed my ‘dressy’ shorts while they were on my person to save time before heading out somewhere. They remain some of my closest friends to this day. (Apparently either they are insanely accepting or… they just felt sorry for me back then.)

I think I would rather dig my eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon than continue to live like this!

Not prioritizing leisure, nor downtime, nor space to stop and take a breath and maybe read a book just for the hell of it? Full disclosure, at one point a few years back, I thought to myself, ”If I could only eat my breakfast the night before I go to work, then I could save time the next morning.” For what, more obligations, efficiency to perform our interminable laundry list of responsibilities? So glad that no one was privy to my unproductive, self-sabotaging self-talk…until now of course.

Yet, we are doing this to ourselves, day in and day out - burning both ends of an ever-melting candle.

Cooking dinner the other night, I looked at John and said, ”I hate to say this, but I long for the days during the lockdown when we cherished the simple things.” Trying new recipes, connecting with friends for walks, imagining a home project, or during a thunderstorm we danced to music in our living room.

So how can we continue to enjoy life’s simple pleasures while also being back at prospective jobs, kids back in school, and navigate the proverbial rat race of the current pace of society?


Have you ever pictured your daily life in a pie chart? Most likely not, but for the moment let’s think of a day in our waking hours. These 960 waking minutes are a gift. How are we CHOOSING to spend it?

Stop and describe at least three things that truly fire up your soul; these may include, hobbies, interests, animals, athletics of any type, art, cooking, spending time with friends, music, etc.

1. …

2. …

3. …

Ask yourself, “Do these things that fire up my soul fit somewhere in those precious 960 minutes?” If not, they absolutely could! We cannot possibly give to ourselves, our families, friends or businesses if every sliver of our personal pie has been spoken for.

Enjoy each & every precious day,



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