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Questions, Compassion, Critical Thinking and Snickers Bars

I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Why Curiosity is SO important

This unique, rambunctious, kind 7th-grade boy is one of my favorite students of all time. As he sat in my office recently, he suddenly quit reading the details of the English assignment he needed to complete that was already overdue. Looking around he asked me, ”How many bite-size Snicker bars do you think it would take to fill this office?” (Hmmm …mind you, it was a fascinating query albeit it had absolutely nothing to do with learning prepositional phrases re his overdue homework). A good avoidance tactic on his part actually. I could have turned this into a math lesson in area and volume …maybe? But I had to redirect after promising him that someday we’ll calculate Snickers and determine the answer together.

Yes, I’ll report back, don’t worry.

That day with my student truly cemented in me that curiosity is such an important trait for ALL of us.

In our fast-paced society, pausing to ask curious questions is an underappreciated quality in one another. If we ask just one more question, it opens up conversations, healing, and draws us closer to each other.

Another example of curiosity and its magical power came in recent months as I worked with one of my ACT coaching students applying to colleges. He truly gave me a purpose to celebrate and admire his mind. The quality time spent with him discussing why things work, how particular vocab words are utilized, math formulas, and just listening to him ask terrific questions each week has been truly memorable. I know he’ll succeed in ANYTHING he chooses to do, both academically and personally.

We can learn from each other and expand our world if we take the time. Even just 5 minutes to stir thought makes a huge difference!

We lost my dad this past summer and I miss his heart and critical thinking mind. Both he and my mom taught me to be interested in others, take time to be curious, and wonder. Thank you!

I’ll close by celebrating Angela’s curious heart and soul. As a server at one of our favorite restaurants, this wonderfully bright 26-yr old woman inspires us every time she serves my husband John and me.

She always asks intriguing questions, shares the latest book she’s reading, or where her travels have taken her, and inquires whether we have been there.

I encourage you this Thanksgiving season to thank those in your midst, even strangers, for their unique selves by just asking an extra question about them. By being truly interested and curious, it inspires their wishes, hopes, and contributions. I know you’ll walk away changed and even more blessed.

Grateful to all of you,


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