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Shining Your Flashlight

By Kaari Allen

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” — Marianne Williamson

Enough Medals and Stars For Each of Us

While waiting in the Culver’s drive through last week with my 88-year-old mom, once again her wisdom made me laugh out loud. Historically an avid sports fan, like many of us she was tuned in to the Winter Olympics this month. Quietly waiting for our burgers, she says, “Too bad they don’t give a medal to everyone that made it to the Olympics.” Which, I agree! ( Mind you, this is the same woman who made my siblings and I give a valentine to EVERY single kid in our kindergarten classes. Even THAT kid ). I admire her for that.

There really is a ‘medal’ and a valentine for ALL

Shining the light on our gifts and talents inspires the greater good. Sharing our goodness, strengths and affinities gives those around us the courage to shine a light on their own unique gifts and talents. Hiding them or feeling self-conscious that we’re somehow bragging doesn’t help anyone! It is not bragging or showboating; it gives others the permission to share theirs. It also celebrates our own spirit and enthusiasm.

On our first date, my husband said to me, “Isn’t it a phenomenon that none of us want to be found out in life?" I knew instantly what he was referring to - the Imposter Syndrome.

People who struggle with this believe that they are undeserving of their own achievements. They feel that they aren’t as competent or as intelligent as others might think and that people will discover the truth about them. Actually, those with imposter syndrome are often well accomplished.

According to Psychology Today, about 70 % of us will experience this syndrome at one point in our lifetime. Here’s the bottom line, we are NOT competing in a so called ‘Life Olympics’ and yes, we all medal in regard to our unique abilities and gifts that lift others up!

As spring approaches and the days get longer, I encourage you to shine your own light upon your talents, affinities and the special glow that illuminates our world!

Sending each of you a medal and a valentine and hope you send yourselves one as well!


“Never keep your gifts nor your talents inside. EVER.“

- Kaari Allen


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