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THESE 3 Things

It’s Really Quite Universal

“Would you like something to drink?” the flight attendant warmly asked.

Now I don’t know about you, but for some silly reason I always have a ping of panic when the beverage cart gets to my assigned row on a flight AND it’s my turn to choose. What if I say, for instance, “Coffee please” and I then secretly wish that I had chosen Diet Coke like the guy next to me. (Yikes, it’s not like I was choosing a new car for heaven’s sake!)

Recently, I was flying to Biloxi, MS to support my husband John and his team, the Rolling MN Twins Wheelchair Softball Team. They were about to compete in the 45th Wheelchair World Series. This is an amazing group of athletes, each with a different story as to why they ended up in a wheelchair permanently. They are a team in every sense of the word with every player contributing his unique talents and gifts. Spending time together with the team confirmed just how much we all need to be a part of something purposeful and fulfilling.

It is human nature to crave inclusion, acceptance, and meaning with one another. It feels great to be a part of a group, team, or affinity whether directly or indirectly. Dr. Rick Lavoie, MA M.ED., is a speaker and author who has devoted his 30+ year career advocating for those with differences, as well as educating others on what drives human behavior. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear him live and learn from him. He states that there are three main needs that drive human behavior and motivation (other than food, shelter, safety, etc.). They are:

1. To matter to even one person in this world

2. To contribute and feel validated for something we can do

3. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Think about those three needs. If we reflect even as far back to our childhood, we remember our parent’s praise, being invited to a birthday party, a gold star from a teacher, or making a sports team. They stay in our memories because they are so much a part of what inspires us as human beings.

When humans don’t feel connection or they feel that no one cares for them and/or they just don’t belong, it means trouble. Studies conclude that this void tends to cause a downward spiral into addiction, poor choices, crime, and gang membership. These choices make people feel that at least they are a part of SOMETHING, as unhealthy as it may be.

We can all make better choices of belonging.

Ask yourself…

*What am I a part of?

*Does it/they fill my soul?

*Have I always wanted to join, participate or contribute to something but are too nervous as maybe this is out of my comfort zone?

We don’t sail if we are stuck in the status quo. I challenge you to make just one step to join, offer your skills, ask a few questions, and participate in the wonderful world that is all around us.

The world needs YOU and your soul will thank you!

Always sailing along with you,


If you would like to know more about the USA National Wheelchair Softball Association please click here:

For additional information on Dr. Rick Lavoie


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