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We Are ALL Students

Taking your Wife to Work

It was a beautiful day this week for “ Take Your Wife To Work Day”, (something that I thought I had made up to entertain my brain, but after research, I realized there really is a Take Your Spouse/Partner to Work Day. It is Dec 14th if you’re now suddenly planning ahead). My husband, John, works at the University of MN as a Construction Project Manager/Environmental Health& Safety. After seeing the sign above while getting coffee, it reminded me that We Are ALL Students.

I also began reflecting back a few years ago to what we learned as we were/are the honorary “MN Parents” to our dear friends’ son Alex. He moved up from Texas for graduate school and to punt for the University of MN Football Team. We learned from Alex just how much commitment it takes to not only be a Division 1 athlete but to balance the demands of graduate school, learn a new city and recover from a serious hip injury all at the same time.

We taught him that you can walk across a frozen lake, wear a neck gator & eat pickled herring and lefsa. My nephews were able to look up to him (literally) and learn about training and nutrition. His parents taught us the joy of watching him both on the field and off. They also taught us to take the time to appreciate the arts, fine food, and wine and simply spending quality time together. My 86-year-old mom taught them some of the Finnish language as it is her native tongue. Those times have changed my heart and soul forever and it all stems from learning and being open to new experiences and relationships.

What have you been learning lately?

Celebrate whatever those things may be!

John teaches me something new almost every day in our life together and I am so grateful. Hopefully, he’s learned a thing or two from me as well along the way.

If you are wondering, this week on Take Your Wife To Work Day, I learned what a flow meter is AND was also able to practice some math!

Merriam Webster

flow·​me·​ter | \ ˈflō-ˌmē-tər \

Definition of flowmeter

: an instrument for measuring one or more properties (such as velocity or pressure) of a flow (as of a liquid in a pipe)

My husband taught me that if i.e., you want to test 2000L of air, and your flow meter is set @10L/min, it will take you 200min.

If you’re ever on a game show, give me a call.

Enjoying our world’s classroom,



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