"People, not unlike stones, are every bit uniquely different and with 'friction' and 'polishing' they too shine in their own right to contribute to the beauty of our world." 

                                                       -Kaari Allen

Drawing on my unique training and experience as an educator and athlete, I collaborate to identify and assess the strengths of both the individual as well as for groups. My coaching fosters human gifts to enable others to perform to the best of their ability.
I hope you will stop in a moment to learn about the special services I offer for businesses, education institutions, foundations, individuals and more.

Thankfulness Can Manifest in Many Ways

November 5, 2019

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Book Review
Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?
Funny title, serious issues...It’s designed as a guide to help them discover their own direction, to provide a pathway to where the hell they parked their life, put it in gear and to move forward."
- Raymond T. Rivard 
He works as a server at a local restaurant. An older gentleman just trying to continue to participate in life who made a profound effect on mine.