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"People, not unlike stones, are every bit uniquely different and with 'friction' and 'polishing' they too shine in their own right to contribute to the beauty of our world." 

                                                 -Kaari Allen

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Drawing on my unique training and experience as an educator and athlete, I collaborate to identify and assess the strengths of the individual as well as for groups. My coaching fosters human gifts to enable others to perform to the best of their ability.

I hope you will pause for a moment to learn about the special services I offer for businesses, education institutions, foundations, individuals, and more. 
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“I started working with Kaari to grow my skill set of studying for a licensing exam for work. Not only had she helped me tremendously with that, but also managing my new work-life balance. I cannot put into words how empowered I feel after just an hour with her. Whether it’s about work, studying, or personal life, Kaari has taught me the importance of listening to both my mind and body which has made me more confident with who I am as a person. “
- Libby, Age 23 
Latest Blog
The Good Lord gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason. Back in the day, I’d tell my students, “I need all of you to put your mouth on airplane mode.” At first, they would look at me like I had three heads, but then they would smile and become quiet.
Book Review
Kaari Allen Book Where the Hell Did I Pa
Where the Hell Did I Park My Life?
Funny title, serious issues...It’s designed as a guide to help them discover their own direction, to provide a pathway to where the hell they parked their life, put it in gear, and to move forward."

- Raymond T. Rivard 
“I was so thankful to have worked with Kaari to prepare me for taking the ACT! She gave me all of the tools needed to not only increase my score  from a 20 to a 31 but empowered me to utilize my strengths for the rest of my life.” 
- Arthur, Age 20 
KA tstimonial 1.png
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